BREAKING: Ramapo Munsee Lunaape Nation and the Ramapo Munsee Land Alliance welcome back the deed for their ancestral lands for the first time since the Revolutionary War!

Support the Ramapo Munsee Land Alliance to rematriate our other ancestral sites!  

Taheetewee, or Split Rock as it's also called, is just the beginning in this vital effort to rematriate the ancestral lands of the Ramapo Munsee Lunaape people.  

With your donation, we will be one step closer to returning our ancestral site back into indigenous stewardship. Support the next phase of #indigenous #landback

Protecting Mother Earth

Advocating for Environmental Justice and Indigenous Rights

Preserving Our Land and Heritage for a Better Future

At Ramapo Munsee Land Alliance, we want a safe and secure tomorrow for humankind, which we can only achieve by fighting for and advancing food sovereignty, land preservation, indigenous protection, and cultural enrichment.


Who We Are

We are the Ramapo peoples, an indigenous nation and a New Jersey state-recognized tribe.

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Our History

Our nonprofit was established in February 2021 by the Ramapough Lenape Nation. While our programs and efforts are focused on New York and New Jersey, we aim to promote our cause not just for our tribe but also for other indigenous peoples.

Our Mission

  • Protect and Care for the Planet and Its Inhabitants
  • Educate People About Indigenous Culture
  • Support Food Sovereignty
  • Rematriate the Lands Taken
  • Preserve Ramapo Territory
  • Protect Our Ancient Ancestral Sites
  • Restore and Teach Our Cultural Heritage

Help Us Make a Difference

You are more than welcome to join our team of passionate environmental defenders and indigenous rights advocates. Let’s work together to improve public awareness, engagement, and support.